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The risk strategy of your business will go far beyond simply bidding out your insurance needs to the lowest cost company. While you certainly need to make sure you are receiving a good value, always remember that insurance is worth nothing if it is not going to pay you properly at the time of a loss.

A proper Insurance and risk management program must go far beyond comparing policy premiums and dive into safety programs, risk transfer, human resources and insurance coverage tailored to your specific industry. We know this because we have been providing tailored Insurance and risk management programs for the past 7 years. We look forward to showing you how our knowledge and experience can help your business continue to thrive.



When education is one of your core values, you tend to learn quite a bit over time of providing insurance and risk management programs to a wide range of Texas businesses. Over time, you begin to gravitate to certain industries where your expertise and product offerings intersect for truly superior client service. Although we are able to apply our core risk management principles to almost any industry, there are certain areas that have become second nature to our advisors after years of day to day involvement in their business planning and execution. Whether it is knowing the specific contractual wording that could place our client in peril or pointing out a nuanced coverage deficiency that only a company in your industry might have, Cold Creek is prepared to protect your company in a manner most Insurance brokers may not consider.

Some of the industries where our expertise shines include


Business Hospitality

Trade Contractors

Business Trade Contractors

Apartment owner/complex

Business Apartment Owner Complex


Business Construction

Landlord Policy

Business Landlord Policy


Business Hotel Motel

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