General and Professional Liability Insurance for Restaurants and Hospitality Businesses

All businesses need business insurance coverage. It helps cover the costs that might be associated with damage to property, as well as liability claims. Without the right coverage, business owners may have to pay out of pocket for claims made against their company. Restaurant and hospitality business owners should consider business property insurance, which can help cover the physical building and everything inside.

Why is it so important that the owners of restaurants or other hospitality businesses have proper insurance coverage?


  • Slip-and-fallinjuries – If someone slips or trips on your business property, they can file a lawsuit to cover their medical costs.
  • Liquor Liability– If an intoxicated customer of yours injures another customer in a fight or causes damage to your restaurant, you may be liable for the cost.
  • Food Poisoning– If a customer says they had food poisoning after eating in your establishment.
  • Property Damage– In the event that damage to your business or equipment occurs due to a kitchen fire, vandalism, or even heavy rain.

What is the difference between General Liability & Professional Liability?

Both types of insurance claims can be financially devastating to a business. Being prepared for either scenario is important.


  • General Liability –Covers physical risks, such as property damage & bodily injuries – Such as a customer slipping on a spilled drink or a valet driver damaging a vehicle.
  • Professional Liability – Covers errors & omissions in the services your business provides. This could be events such as a bout of food poisoning from bad food or inadequate preparation.

Most often, it will not be a question of “which type of coverage should I choose?” but instead “do I need both general liability & professional liability?”

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